Rock I-IV-V

"Helping Musicians Meet Musicians Since 2005"

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Every 1-3-5 Thurs.





At Lunch






In Mr. Giusta's 





Room 301









What is Rock I-IV-V?
Rock I-IV-V is a jam band club. It was started because I've found that as a high school age musician it's hard to find other skilled musicians to play with. We jam, perform at various school functions, and hang out.




Does the name, Rock I-IV-V, have any significance?

Yeah, the roman numerals, I (one) IV (four) and V (five), are symbols for a chord change. It was this chord change that sparked the creation of rock music. Music from the 50's (when rock was born) utilize this progression. For example, the song, "Louie Louie" is just the one, four, and five chords repeating. 




Is Rock I-IV-V accepting new members?

Yep. We accept new members all  year long. We meet every 1-3-5 Thursday, essentially every other week, in Mr. Giusta's room 301.




Peace Guys.

~Luke W.

Founder and President of Rock I-IV-V